Your Home Insurance and Water Damage from Mother Nature

Homeowners face many problems. While most of them have insurance, insurance may or may not deal with some of these situations. It is important to know what exactly is covered by your home insurance and what is not. This can lead to misconceptions down the road when the unthinkable occurs. Additionally, it can help ensure you have obtained any additional insurance coverage you might need. Don’t wait until your home sustains water damage to determine your policy’s specific coverage. Find cheap contents insurance online.
One scenario that can lead to water damage in your home would be caused by sub-zero temperatures. This can lead to water pipes freezing which in turn causes them to burst. Your home is now underwater. What exactly will most home insurance policies cover in this situation? As long as the home was occupied and heated at the time of the pipes bursting, your insurance will cover the damage. However, if conditions were not met, the insurer considers this improper home maintenance and will deny your claim.
Another source of water damage courtesy of Mother Nature could occur when a nearby lake or river goes out of its banks. This can lead to flash flooding, which could cause water to enter your home. This kind of water damage is not covered by home insurance. In order for this to be covered, you would need to have specially designed flood insurance.
An unusually heavy rainstorm could potentially lead to water leaking through your home’s roof. Not only is the roof damaged by the room it covers, but the furniture too. In these situations, home insurance will usually provide partial coverage. The roof is a home maintenance issue and not covered. However, the water damage that occurred to your home is part of your home insurance coverage. It’s always good to check with your specific insurer to make sure their policy covers you in these situations.

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