Wrongful Dismissal, Know Your Rights

This blog is not usually preachy, nor an advocate for any certain or specific rights over others.  However, some very basic rights granted to all of us are very much tied into personal finance.  First and foremost, the right to be gainfully employed, and a reasonable amount of security that goes into retaining that employment.  If you are unaware, then you need to brush up and learn about unfair dismissal.  With the economy still climbing it’s way out of the hole, employers tend to have their pick of the employment litter.  Thus competition is increasing, and at a cheaper rate than we are used to.

Conversely, we have people losing jobs based on gender, age, or for various other personal reasons.  These are all acts of wrongful termination, and as such they are subject to penalty from the law.  We have even seen acts of relatiatory firings in the past.  Wrongful terminations stemming from whistleblowers attempting to do the right thing.  in the UK this sort of termation is much more complicated than here in the States.  A wrongful dismissal in the UK involves a breach of contract on the employers part.  Because the employer/employee relationship is often defined in a contract for a specified period of time, terminating an employee can be quite difficult.  In fact, an employer can only terminate an employee without proper notice for three different reasons.  The first is that the employment is still within the first month.  The second is whether or not the contract says they can.  Lastly, if the employee conducts himself in a manner that will cause the employer to lose both trust and faith in said employee.

Regardless or the reason for a wrongful termination, it is just that, wrongful!  It should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law everytime!

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