Why You Need to Consider Making a Will

Nobody relishes the thought of dying, especially when it could be unexpected.  But that doesn’t change reality, and unfortunately anything is possible.  Now, I am an unmarried man, for the next month anyways.  I never really put any thought into whether or not it would benefit me to make a will.  I always just filled out the direct beneficiary forms on the paperwork for my benefits.  However, now that I am going to be getting married soon it is only right to start considering different possibilities.  After all, it isn’t long until I’ll have children to worry about as well.

A will is little more than a document stating the transfer of your property upon your death.  It could be as simple as leaving all of your worldly possessions to your loved one.  Or it could be a more complicated scenario that involves dividing up your assets (and sometimes liabilities) amongst several different family members.  Whatever the case, a will is a necessary evil, but it needn’t be an expensive one.  Granted you can create your own will, but I wouldn’t advise as such.  One simple legal mistake and the validity of the will can be taken into question.  Instead you need to shop around for reputable legal counsel that will aid and assist in generating a sound will.  Also, like most other services today, there are online legal services that will help you generate a solid and secure will for a fraction of the cost of hiring an actual attorney.

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