When do I need a federal Tax ID?

Most people think that their Social Security numbers are the most important bit of identifying information that they have. It’s easy to see why: without an SSN, you will find it difficult to do most things in the United States – many college applications even require a SSN to process. Did you know that there is an equivalent for your business? An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is like a Social Security Number, but for businesses. Let’s take a look at when you need to apply for a federal tax ID and how to go about doing so.

Apply For A Federal Tax ID

If you plan to open up a line of credit or a bank account for your business, then you will need to apply for a federal tax ID. That’s because you will need to supply it in order to complete many things related to your business, including filing taxes and opening up a credit card. Now, you might be a bit concerned at the thought of obtaining a California EIN number, however do not worry. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is find a service like IRS-EIN that makes the application a breeze to complete. Many of their customers even receive their EIN the same day they send in their application!

Check Tax ID Number Status

If you already have a California EIN number, then you might find yourself in a situation where you need to check tax ID number status. You can do this in a variety of ways. Calling your bank or the IRS, for example, will often yield the number. Do not forget to look at old tax returns, too, as you would have been required to provide it in order to file taxes.

Do you need to apply for a federal tax ID? Contact IRS-EIN-Tax-ID today and let them help you through the process!


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