Tips to Save Money on all your Health Care Needs – Part 3

Hello and welcome back for part three of our 5-Part blog series on money-saving tips for your healthcare. The reason that we put this blog series together is that, just like every other expense that you will encounter in your life, health care costs can be lowered, haggled over and, in many cases, reduced. The only reason that many people do not make the decision to try and lower their healthcare costs is that they believe it is offensive or something that is not morally correct.

We’re here to tell you it is perfectly acceptable, morally sound, and we have many tips to show you just how to do it. The simple fact is that there’s nothing wrong with trying to lower your health care costs and people who are financially wise do it all the time. With that in mind let’s get started with Part 3. Enjoy.

  1.         When you have health insurance there are big penalties for going out of your network. Keep that in mind and make sure that every healthcare professional that you visit is in your network.
  2.         If you prepare your taxes yourself make sure that you deduct for medical expenses.  Many people make the mistake of forgetting this or not deducting enough and end up losing more of their return.
  3.        If you’re self-employed you may think that there’s no way to get any sort of discount on your healthcare. You would be wrong however as there are professional associations and groups that offer insurance plans and, if you joined them, you will receive the savings that purchasing insurance with a large group can offer.  Whatever you do, just make sure you have some form of healthcare.  Even if you are running short on cash to cover the monthly premiums there are always options like taking out loans online if you’re in a pinch.
  4.        Many employers offer a medical flexible-spending plan and, if yours does, you should definitely enroll in it. What this allows you to do is set aside a fixed amount of pretax money for health care costs that aren’t covered by your insurance. Since this money is deducted from your gross income, the income that you’re taxed on, it can lower your taxes significantly.
  5.         Just like shopping for a new car or any other large purchase you should take the time and make the effort to shop around for your health insurance. Whether you’re buying a plan on your own or you will be getting one through your employer you should compare what the plans offer. Making a list of what you need and checking to make sure the plan you are contemplating covers it is also an excellent idea.
  6.         A company called Eyecare America offers free eye disease diagnosis and care for seniors and children. They also cover for several different diseases including glaucoma and diabetes. If you would like more information you can call their toll-free number at 800 – 222 – 3937.
  7.        There are a number of eyeglass retailers including Pearle vision and LensCrafters that offer discounts of up to 30% to AARP or AAA members. If you belong to these two groups a 30% on your next pair of glasses is waiting.
  8.        When it comes to taking care of your teeth the most important tool that you have is your toothbrush. Make sure that you change it every three months and, once or twice a week, disinfected with either hydrogen peroxide or boiling water.
  9.         If you are not happy with your smile or, more specifically, the color of your teeth but professional whitening in a dentist’s office is out your budget you would do well to consider using  one of the major brands of teeth whitening strips. Testing has showed that the results are very similar as well as safe and much more economical.

By now you should have found at least a handful of tips that have lit up a light in your brain. Hopefully you’re starting to realize that they are indeed are many ways to cut down on your health-care costs. We hope you have enjoyed this blog series so far and we invite you to come back and join us soon for Part 4. Until then, be happy and stay healthy.

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