The Snobbish Roundup – September 7th

Welcome back to the Snobbish Roundup.  We highlight the best blogs of the week, along with the generous carnivals inclusions as well.

Thanks to the carnivals below for liking us enough to include our posts:

Carnival of MoneyPros hosted by Rather Be Shopping
Yakezie Carnival hosted by Frugal Rules
Finance Carnival For Young Adults hosted by Mom And Dad Money


Check out Life and my Finances for advice on shortening your term loan.  I recently went from a 20 year mortgage to a 30 year mortgage…probably not my finest moment, but with interest rates coming down, I actually think lengthening your term loan might be best.

Wealth Informatics ask us “how do people survive on minimum wage?”  My answer, not very well!  But I still think it’s up to many of them to improve their situation.

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