The Snobbish Roundup: 3-12-2012

Welcome to the Snobbish Roundup!  Each Monday I will giving you my five favorite articles from the previous week.  Rest assured this is a very distinguished, refined, and yes, snobby list on which to be placed.  Nothing but the highest quality, and most interesting articles on here.

Money Is The Root is on track to hit his goal of $30,000 in online income this year!  This is a huge accomplishment, and he details his efforts in his weekly goals and income updates…stay tuned!

No matter how much we stress the importance of being credit card debt free, the average consumer seems to reject this notion with authority.  Should you find yourself in the hole, stop by Smart Wealth and read this article on 7 ways to break up with your credit card debt.

20’s Finances has been enjoying a cash flow positive lifestyle as of late.  Congratulations to him and his wife on their extra income, judging from his blog, it is well earned.  Read up on their latest quest to save for a down payment on a new home.

Would you pass up free money?  I wouldn’t either, but you would be surprised by how many who would.  Stop by Prairie Eco Thrifter to find out the 3 employer benefits to never pass up.

Gen Y Finances examines whether or not people can actually afford the cars they drive.  Many cash poor people drive very expensive automobiles, and quite honestly, I can’t understand why.

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