The Snobbish Roundup: 2-13-2012

Welcome to the Snobbish Roundup!  Each Monday I will giving you my five favorite articles from the previous week.  Rest assured this is a very distinguished, refined, and yes, snobby list on which to be placed.  Nothing but the highest quality, and most interesting articles on here.

Do you know what to do after a car accident? Wealth Informatics will you give a very detailed and helpful explanation.  You might think the necessary steps are obvious, but I found myself wondering about the process after a little fender bender last week…perfect timing!

Yes, I am Cheap tells us what happens to our debt, and the debt of our loved ones after death.   Nobody likes the topic and reality of death, but give this a read, and make sure you and your family are protected!

Mom’s Plans is giving away her E-Book on dining out for free! Get it while she is still generously giving it away.

Making money from blogging isn’t as hard to do as one might think.  But it takes hard work and tons of time!  Stop by Life and My Finances to find out how Derek started making money with his blogging gig.

Online Money Bloggers is a cool concept for those of trying to earn a few dollars from blogging.  This competitive website illustrates how each blogger plans on earning 30K this year from blogging activities.  Right now I am in 5th place on the leaderboard, considering the company I’m in I am very pleased with that rank.

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