Shopping Has Never Been Better

The days of coupon clicking aren’t over yet – they’ve just changed. Companies big and small are all competing for your dollars. It’s a global market, too, thanks to the Internet. So how do all these companies stand out? By offering you discounts and other perks. Here are three great ideas to save money and get more from your shopping experience today.

How to Take Advantage of Online Discounts

Going to a store to look, touch and smell a product certainly has its advantages. But when is the last time you looked at those stores’ website? Most of these stores offer online discounts, mainly because they don’t want to lose out on sales to their competition. A consumer can easily get 10-30% off using a Kohls promo code, for example. Some stores have computer kiosks so that you can use any promo code you want online or off.Many companies have turned to social media, too, as another way to spread the word. These sites also often discounts or promotions. It adds up after a while, especially at stores you frequently visit.

Old School Still Works

Being a savvy shopper is not limited to those who shop online. Clipping out coupons can also save you a bundle. The Sunday paper typically still has the most coupons. These days, though, you can find online coupon sites, too. Some businesses offer printable coupons on their website, too, in addition to other discounts. Some companies, particularly grocery stores, will honor other stores’ coupons. And if you’re looking for deals, consider the seasonal savings. The best time to buy a swim suit, for example, is near the end of summer, when stores are clearing out inventory to make room for fall and winter apparel.

They Will Go the Extra Mile

Big name merchandisers have shown they will go the extra mile to entice you to spend money on their products. Discounts and coupons are just the tip of the iceberg. Many retailers, for example, offer store credit cards or shopper clubs that come with discounts and savings. Other stores offer discounts or rewards the more times you buy their products. You can sometimes get cheap, or in rare cases, free shipping. However, that might mean receiving a few promotional emails or even texts. But read through those messages carefully, because odds are good that you’ll find even more savings and discounts.

Shopping has definitely changed in recent years. The Internet has made competition for your hard-earned money fierce. That’s why the companies that manage to thrive have come up with a variety of ways to take advantage to today’s sophisticated, cost-conscious shopper. Taking advantage of all these opportunities, whether online or at a physical store, will help you save big, both in the short- and long-term.


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