Saving Money on Clothes

Clothing can eat up a very large chunk of your paycheck, especially if you need specialized clothes for work or need to ‘dress to impress’ every day for work.  If you have kids then all bets are off as they need new clothes seemingly every other week.

If you’re in the position that you need to buy clothes on a regular basis then this article is for you.  It is chock full of great tips and tricks that will help lower your monthly clothing bills and keep some of your hard earned cash where it belongs; in your wallet.

Make a list of all the clothing sizes of all your family members so that, when you’re out shopping, you won’t buy something that will be too big or too small and won’t be used.

Consider making a monthly clothing budget for your clothing. Having a clear amount set will keep you from splurging and will show other family members that you’re serious about your spending.

Shopping at thrift stores, especially if you have little children that won’t make a fuss about having to wear ‘used’ clothes.  The simple fact is, most children’s clothes get tossed before they’re barely even used and are perfectly fine to use (if sometimes a little stained).

Speaking of thrift, Goodwill usually has an amazingly well stocked clothing area where you can find some incredible deals on many items that are practically brand new.

Purchasing clothing out of season is an excellent way to save money on new clothes.  Buying jackets in the spring and summer clothes after summer has ended for example is a great way to get new clothes ate a fraction of their original retail price.

When you’re buying used always make sure that the size, color and style are something that you or the family member you’re buying for are going to like.  If you buy clothes at a great price that are never used you’re still wasting money.

Wherever you like to shop always check out the clearance racks for some extra special deals. Make sure that you check the items your buying thoroughly to make sure that they’re not stained, ripped or otherwise damaged.

Check back soon for part 2 of this 2 part series about saving money on clothes and good luck in your search for good, cheap clothing.


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  1. Maggie@SquarePennies November 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    I love shopping at GoodWill! I’ve gotten beautiful silk shirts there for $3. I often find upscale brands there too. I love to upcycle sweaters & can find the largest sweaters there, men or women’s, for all sorts of fun projects! You can also buy drapery or sheets for $3 there to use in sewing projects. I’ve even found antiques there to use as gifts.