Saturday Personal Finance Roundup – 1

Ok. I’m starting something new today, Saturday. I enjoy roundup posts because they unearth stories I may never see during the course of the week, or ever for that matter. So, they’re a great source of content. Not only for this blog but Twitter as well.

With that, I’m introducing my “roundup of roundup” posts and articles. It’s really a meta roundup. I’ll provide the overall theme with a link to pre-built roundups. Now I can be a resource for the best of the “best’s best”. Make sense? If not, just click through the links below to get to the stories.

Also, these links may or may not point to recent roundup posts. So don’t be alarmed if you click through to a roundup that was posted 6 months ago.

Kip Tips – Kiplinger Magazine – a mashup of saving when buying in bulk, getting out of debt, and a review of job search sites.

Wise Bread – Tips for buying cheap(er) wine, the benefits of raised garden beds, a quick and cheap hurricane lamp tutorial, and habits for highly effective budgeting (among others).

Joe Taxpayer – When will you have enough? What’s enough to save for retirement? Also has articles about good and bad debt, saving without cutting coupons, and calculating net worth.

The Consumerist – The 6 most valuable grocery store items, how to save while traveling, and saving for retirement when you’re 40 and over.

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