Safe Way to Invest in Gold?

With all the talk about the demise of the dollar, there’s been even more talk about gold. No, not the kind at the end of the rainbow either. The dollar (or currencies in general) are inversely related to gold investment wise. So, when the dollar is strong (rising in value), gold is weak (falling in value). When the dollar is weak (falling in value), gold is strong (rising in value).

But, investing in gold kind of feels…sleezy. Like it’s something I’m not supposed to do. Is there a way to invest in gold without the risk? Or at least a little lest sleaziness? According to Shaun Connell from Learn Mining News on a guest post at FreeMoneyFinance:

“…the best gold investment isn’t necessarily physical bullion – but mining stocks. Gold mining stocks are a safer way to indirectly invest in gold than physical gold bullion.”

How? Why? Because gold mining stocks are less volatile, more secure, and give income. However, investing in mining stocks doesn’t mean you should forego investing in physical assets at all:

“There are still reasons to own the physical product – hedging against a worst-case economic scenario, investing “off the grid”, etc.

Read Shaun’s article at Free Money Finance.

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