Common Investing Mistakes

Of course we all make investing mistakes. Whether it’s buying a stock based on an eavesdropped conversation at dinner last night or making grossly inaccurate choices with a business transaction, we’ve all had our doozies.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe these bad choices have something in common? That you’re making the same mistakes each time without knowing it?
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Passion isn’t Found – It’s Pursued

I write quite a bit about side gigs, starting a business, and other related topics. At least more than I thought. Here’s a sampling:

Stop Job Shopping, Start a Business
Multiple Streams of Extra Income
Why Not Start a Business?
5 Ways to Generate a Second Income

More than likely, you want to pursue your own gig doing something you’re passionate about. Which is another buzz word that’s been a lexicon of the business startup vocabulary for years.

So, that’s all good and well, but what does that mean? According to recent studies, your best option is not necessarily to go with your gut. Turns out that passion is a by-product of something else—the pursuit of it. But, passion pursuit has it’s own drawbacks.
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Stock Market Looking Bullish – Here’s Why

Despite the weak job market, political turmoil, and foreclosure mess, the stock market looks poised to take off. But how does that seem possible with all the doom and anxiety you see on TV and all over the web everyday? lays out a strong argument for why we shouldn’t be listening to those pessimistic bears in the market.
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Those Pesky Obstacles Are Your Life


Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, I went through a period where I felt like my future self was just over the next hill. Just past the next obstacle, which there always seemed to be plenty of. I wanted to start a business so bad I could barely hold back my enthusiasm for when it (self-employment) would deliver itself into my lap.

I spent a lot of time “getting inspired”. I would read books about entrepreneurs. Then I would switch to the writing aisle and read about writing. Then I found the self-help section. And, oh boy, did I have a hay day with that one.
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Can You Guess the 7 Highest Paying Jobs?

The job market has been incredibly scary the last few years. When I read the news headlines, it’s hard to find any good news about a job recovery. I suppose it’s a combination of news outlets competing for eyeballs and the growing sense that things are much different this time.

In that sense, I try to highlight positive aspects about earning and spending for individuals as I cull the interwebs for interesting, entertaining, and enlightening stories.

Known for it’s annual “Best Places to Live” comparison, in conjunction with Money Magazine, the researchers at put together other “Top” stories throughout the year.
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Refinancing Rules of Thumbs

I toyed with the idea of using the title, “If You Don’t Refinance with These Ridiculously Low Interest Rates, well, I Don’t Know How to Help You.” But then that just makes my title wrap around and nobody can read it anyway.

In all seriousness, the same details and research apply to your refinancing as did to your first mortgage. And to help with that, the Motley Fool came up with a few questions to ask before you rush out to the bank for a refi.
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Budget and Net Worth Calculators

Found this nice set of budget, net worth, and investment calculators for Excel.

A Daily Plan to Improve Your Finances – and Life

Quality of Life

Like most things worthy of our time, getting our finances in shape doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by making deliberate, good choices every day. Each choice might not seem like much but, on a cumulative basis, will have a lasting impact over the course of our lifetimes.
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Two Income Generating Ideas

I know I’ve been on a “making money” roll the last two weeks or so. After running a few eBay auctions and doing a small bit of consulting on the side, I believe even more now that earning a few extra bucks can dramatically alter your financial position.

So, I took Friday off last week and fired up the brain cells to come up with two more, maybe a little unusual, money making ideas. These are based off my own interests—one food based and one art based. But hear me out. These two ideas are interests I’ve had but, for one reason or another, I didn’t feel they were ready to bear fruit. Until now.
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Retire Rich – Let Everyone Else Work

According to several recent surveys, 40% of people plan to delay retirement. Besides a stock market that would make an avid roller coaster rider turn white, lack of savings and poor investments are the primary culprits driving this statistic.

Delayed retirement, or retirement on a cat food diet, doesn’t have to include you. According to, with a few steps, retirement glory days can be had by someone as simple as myself.
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