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As a blogger, it’s natural for me surf a couple dozen websites each day.  Either I am researching for a new article, or perhaps browsing one of my client sites to make sure they threw up an advertisement properly.  Regardless if I know and trust the site or not, they can still contain a virus.  I know this because Budget Snob was just infected with malware last week!  In fact, I wasn’t even aware until a fellow personal finance blogger brought it to my attention.  When I younger all you would hear about was the occasional computer virus. Now we have worms, trojans, macros, and various other types of harmful intruders hacking their way onto our machines.   Below I will give you some quick and easy tips to avoid this unpleasant situation altogether.

If there is a file attached to an email, and you don’t know the sender, then leave it alone.  Ooopps, what if you know the person but the attachement looks suspicious? Then still don’t open it.  In fact, I had a worm last year that got into my AOL email account and spread to all of the people in my address book.  If you receive an email from someone you trust, but the subject line has random numbers and symbols in it, then do not open it.  Yep, you guessed it, that happened to me too…twice!

One of the most important acts of virus prevention is that of virus software.  I routinely scan my computer with norton antivirus to make sure it stays clean and protected.  Sure this costs a few bucks, but it can save you lots of time and money in the future.  With over 500 new viruses being discovered each month, the web has become a dangerous place to surf!


Key Differences Between Money Market and Mutual Funds

There are some key differences between money market funds and mutual funds. Knowing these differences can help you choose which fund is right for you to put your money in.

When you put your money in a mutual fund you are buying a fraction of the shares of all the companies  in that mutual fund. With a money market fund the share price is always a dollar and it’s the interest rate of the money market fund that fluctuates, not its share price.

Money market funds are managed in a way that keeps growth very conservative. If you invest in a money market fund you can set up a checking account along with it. You can open a money market fund through most banking and financial institutions.

You can withdraw or deposit money in to your money market fund and it’s as simple as depositing cash into your regular checking account. Additionally, you can withdraw cash immediately. There are some limitations to this account though. Often times you can only write a certain number of checks in a month.

With mutual funds there is no bank account for withdrawing or depositing your money. However, these types of funds are managed in a way that is much more strategic in terms of making their investors money. The managers of mutual funds look to build a portfolio of companies that creates diversity, stability and growth. This is the fund you want to put your money in if you do not need access to it immediately, but want to see good growth gains in years to come.

Some Quick Tips on Saving Money

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save money.  I’ll read any top 10 list on the blog that offers me new and exciting ways to save a few bucks, even though I’ve typically read the same advice about 100 times before.  This article may not be anything exciting, and it may not be anything new, but I am going to give you three ways to save money that you might not have considered before!

I feel for the uninsured in this country, and personally, I am a fan of “Obamacare”(the concept, not the nickname).  Unfortunately, until it’s fully in place, many of us have to find a way to obtain health insurance on our own.  Some physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and holistic practitioners are offering their services up on Groupon, Living Social, and other coupon sites.

Furniture rental, or furniture hire as they say in the U.K., is a great way to fill your house with lovely furniture on the cheap.  No sense in paying full price for a depreciating asset that will look worn over time.  I am sure you “buy your car used” enthusiasts can appreciate the concept with furniture!

Lean training is a corporate methodology that teaches us how to do more with less.  In a manufacturing environment it teaches you to keep low inventories without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  In your own personal life it teaches you to be less wasteful.  Sell unwanted items you no longer use on Amazon, Ebay, or Craiglist.  It teaches you to only buy what you need and actually use.  For example, we may need a pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of dress shoes, but do we need 10 of each kind?  Probably not.

The Snobbish Roundup: 2-20-2012

Welcome to the Snobbish Roundup!  Each Monday I will giving you my five favorite articles from the previous week.  Rest assured this is a very distinguished, refined, and yes, snobby list on which to be placed.  Nothing but the highest quality, and most interesting articles on here.

Stop by Young Adult Finances to find out how to do your taxes on the cheap.  Whether your owe the gov’t money, or they owe you, keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket this year!

Check out Not Made of Money for five helpful tips on getting your retirement savings on track.

A fellow blogging buddy of mine was just given acceptance into the Yakezie Network!  Congrats to Cash Flow Mantra, and the future relationship we can build collaborating within this network.

Find out some of the spending vices that are keeping you in debt, over at The Jenny Pincher.

One Cent At A Time has 8 car care secrets for us this winter, guaranteed to save you money!

Want to Invest in a New Startup Company? Think Medical Software

The software industry has been recently ranked as one of the best places to start a new business in. With that in mind, knowing that paper records are still the most common way of storing information is crucial to your investment acumen and here’s why; more and more medical records are being mandated to switch to electronic filing. 

Currently though, the majority of doctors, hospitals and clinics find it difficult to let go of their paper based medical record keeping. It’s easy to fill out forms and it’s cheap so, it doesn’t provide a lot of incentive to implement a software based records system. One of the biggest problems with paper records  though, is the large amount of physical storage needed to keep them for the legally required number of years.

Why should this concern you if you are an investor watching the stock market? Because it’s precisely this type of  information that could help you invest early in a rising market.

The software industry is expected to generate about $8 billion in sales in 2012 and double that in 2013. It’s the medical office packages, that are currently dominating the market, with a whopping increasing of 376% over last year.

All those doctors, clinics and hospitals are beginning to free up space in their backrooms and install an electronic record keeping system in their administration departments. As well, insurance companies and government agencies are starting to urge these organizations to switch to electronic record keeping. So, you may want to buy up stock in medical software company providers, as they could be the next big stock boon.

The Snobbish Roundup: 2-13-2012

Welcome to the Snobbish Roundup!  Each Monday I will giving you my five favorite articles from the previous week.  Rest assured this is a very distinguished, refined, and yes, snobby list on which to be placed.  Nothing but the highest quality, and most interesting articles on here.

Do you know what to do after a car accident? Wealth Informatics will you give a very detailed and helpful explanation.  You might think the necessary steps are obvious, but I found myself wondering about the process after a little fender bender last week…perfect timing!

Yes, I am Cheap tells us what happens to our debt, and the debt of our loved ones after death.   Nobody likes the topic and reality of death, but give this a read, and make sure you and your family are protected!

Mom’s Plans is giving away her E-Book on dining out for free! Get it while she is still generously giving it away.

Making money from blogging isn’t as hard to do as one might think.  But it takes hard work and tons of time!  Stop by Life and My Finances to find out how Derek started making money with his blogging gig.

Online Money Bloggers is a cool concept for those of trying to earn a few dollars from blogging.  This competitive website illustrates how each blogger plans on earning 30K this year from blogging activities.  Right now I am in 5th place on the leaderboard, considering the company I’m in I am very pleased with that rank.

To Buy or Not to Buy Penny Stocks

There are many small and micro cap companies out there that have great potential. However, it’s precisely because they are considered small that conventional advisers and stock brokers don’t bother to follow them. The fact is, these companies are on the public market and often lay at the bottom, counting pennies for their stock, sometimes for months. What unsuspecting investors don’t understand is that these penny stock shares can reward them with big gains, if they get in early enough.

The biggest sticking point, and reason for caution for most potential penny stock investors, is knowledge… or the lack thereof. Business is moving faster than ever and there are many industries sprouting small and micro cap companies in their fertile market, everyday.

So, where do you start? One of the best answers to that questions is… let someone else start it for you.

There are companies, especially in a huge stock market region like New York, that specialize in finding and researching small start up and micro cap companies. They make it their business to do their due diligence and provide their clients with a list of credible, and potentially very profitable penny stock choices.

The key to finding the right small or micro cap company to invest in, is knowing what combination of business and industry elements, create the best chance for a micro cap company to grow fast. So, call a company who specializes in researching micro caps because when you buy into a stock at .02 cents a share and sell it just weeks later at .85 cents… you’ll be thanking yourself did.

Find the Right Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is the same for all people throughout the world, it offers protection for your loved ones should you happen to die and leave behind debt that would financially hurt them. It can also replace you financially. Although you may not be there physically to be able to give advice or help in bringing up your family, you can ensure that enough money will be available to make certain your children will reach adulthood without suffering financially. The alternative is often destitution for many.

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A Netflix Perspective

How NOT to Time the Housing Market

Ha ha! Great chart from the Calculated Risk blog (You don’t mind do you, Bill?). Amazingly, the arrows are depicting a true position. Lucky (dumb luck) for me I bought and sold in the same month—Oct 2006. Five years ago this month.

The chart looks ominous in my opinion. Have you ever heard of a dead cat bounce? How about Enron? There you have it.

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