How to Raise Kids on a Budget

Let’s face it, raising children is expensive, there’s no 2 ways about it. If there’s one thing that you need to do when you have children is to maintain a budget or else those little brats will eat you out of house and home.

I’m joking of course but maintaining a budget when you have children is important, and that’s no joke.  If you do it right however you will have the money that you need to buy them everything they need without going broke at the same time.  Read along below and I’ll explain how and give you some Tips on raising kids on a budget.

One of the first things that you’re going to need to do is determine as closely as possible exactly what you need for food, clothes and other basic needs, and then stick to a number based on what you can afford and still be able to pay your bills and put aside 10% in your savings. While you’re doing this you can also talk to your children about it and explain why you, and they, need a budget. Don’t make it too technical but be firm.

Once you know that amount it’s time to start cutting back to

When it comes to food, there are a lot of ‘lower-end’ markets where you can get meats and more expensive food items at wholesale prices, and there are of course wholesale clubs. Buy store brand everything in your favorite supermarket.  They’re the cheapest and the products are all very similar in quality.  Trust me, the kids will never know.

For children’s clothing, if you’re really on a budget, there are thrift stores and 2nd hand stores everywhere today.  If you’re on a moderate budget stores like Kohl’s and others normally have the best deals and Wal-Mart is the king of cheap but decent quality children’s clothes.

Use the children’s furniture as long as you can and take good care of it.  If you need something else there are places online like Craigslist where you can find tons of used furniture and other items like bikes, toys, clothing and much more for incredible bargains which makes up for them not being pristine. Yard sales and estate sales are also a great idea when you need stuff for the kids.

Remember that it doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids just because you don’t buy them ‘new’ things.  Used, in most cases, is a very close 2nd and will save you a ton of money.  They kids will get used to it after a while too and the experience may even teach them a valuable life lesson. Good luck.



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