How to Manage and Pay Off Debts

Debt is something that no one wants to think about, but unfortunately, for many people, it is not only unavoidable but also inevitable. Poor spending habits coupled with a lack of willpower to avoid making purchases can land people in debt much quicker than they realize.


There’s only one thing to do, though, when you find yourself in debt: get out. Because of that, there are a few important tips that everyone needs to know about how to manage and pay off debts easily and efficiently.


Avoid It In The First Place!

This may sound simple, but it’s an obvious tip for those who have been in and struggled through debt. While it’s no fun to manage, the easiest way to deal with it is by staying out of debt in the first place. Learn to manage your finances with resources from expert companies.

Avoid buying what you don’t need, be very careful buying on credit, and stay away from purchases involving high interest rates. Debt only comes around if you let it, and if you manage it by staying away, well, you’ve taken care of a huge problem before it even starts

Be Wary of Collection Companies

Know that collection companies often buy your debts off of the company you owe for very, very little money. Because of that, these collection companies are keen to settle your debt very cheaply and for much less that what you initially owed.

Realize that when you are dealing with them, and do not be afraid to offer significantly less than your debt is worth to get the matter settled simply and immediately. You never know; they may just take you up on it!

Know Your Credit Score and Repair

When you work to pay off and manage your debts, make sure that the collection company and the credit bureaus are on the same page, and that your credit score is changed to reflect that you paid off your debts. Get it in writing, and work so that your credit score is reinstated and solid.

Doing this will allow you to apply for future jobs, make future down payments on homes and other investments, and live a much happier financial life.

Managing debt is not easy, and for many people, it is certainly not fun, but once you are in debt there is not much to do but work your way out of it. Manage your debts wisely, take it slowly, and look at all your options before committing to a single path.

Before you know it, you will be on a realistic payment plan, and you will be working your way to a debt free life. Your finances, and your stress levels, will thank you for the hard work!

2 Responses to “How to Manage and Pay Off Debts”

  1. Canadianbudgetbinder November 20, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    Avoiding debt is the key like you mention but for me I realize that people get into debt for reasons that might be beyond their control. Either way getting out is important because once those third party collectors come it’s hard to get rid of them. Knowing your credit score is very important and if you can order your score every year to make sure you are in good standing. Don’t be afraid to call who you owe money to and explain your situation before it goes to collections. They may appreciate your effort rather than ignoring them. MR.CBB

  2. D.S. @ Canada trustee November 30, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    Debt is scary but as you said, it cannot be avoided. The thing is to manage it well. The tips you gave are very useful. Maintaining credit ratings is also an important concern. Consumers must be careful with their spending habits. It will help in the task of personal debt management.