How Optimistic are You?

That question was posted on the BankRate Wealth Blog on Friday. Here are a few highlights according to a poll  1,002 Americans:

65 percent of Americans are more concerned about their finances today than they were at the beginning of the financial crisis two years ago.

37 percent expect to see their personal finances improve in the next six months, versus less than half (46 percent) who expect to hold onto what they currently have and 16 percent who expect to lose money.

80 percent of Americans say that Congress and regulators have not done enough “to deal with the financial market problems and their impact on American investors.”

44 percent of Americans expect the U.S. economy to improve in the next six months, while only 28 percent expect things to get worse. A smaller group (22 percent) anticipates no change in the economy.

What to make of this somewhat downer report? Seems like a cautiously optimistic, “wait and see” approach. I know for me, two years ago I was a hurtin’ dude. Failing business. Bad investments. Large mortgage. My financial picture has turned around dramatically in the last two years. Dramatically.

What about you? Do you identify with the poll answers?

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