Happiness and Money

I’ve long known that our attitude towards money reveals a lot about who we really are. I coined a motto a few years ago about money and people. It goes something sort of like, “otherwise normal people do very “un”normal things when money is involved.”

I had just been through a bad business partnership in which both parties (yes, me too) made some very unwise decisions. Decisions which not only cost me dollar-wise but emotionally as well.

I’m not surprised, then, when I ran across this article from Drewberry Mortgage Insurance about the latest research which indicates, all things equal, better financial control equals greater happiness.

In the article, a recent survey study showed that

“…overall happiness, wellbeing and self-esteem was linked to our sense of financial control rather that how much money we have. Those with strong financial plans were found to be happier overall and have greater financial wellbeing.”

Do a search for lottery winner. Not surprisingly, the top result is about lottery winners who have lost everything. Heck, scan through all the results. Most stories conclude with very bad endings.

With all the headlines about the demise of the get rich quick winners, why do we (some secretly) think we would act differently given the same chance?

Tell me what you think. How do you know you would act differently? How do you know you wouldn’t hold it tight?


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