Eliminate All Security Threats

As a blogger, it’s natural for me surf a couple dozen websites each day.  Either I am researching for a new article, or perhaps browsing one of my client sites to make sure they threw up an advertisement properly.  Regardless if I know and trust the site or not, they can still contain a virus.  I know this because Budget Snob was just infected with malware last week!  In fact, I wasn’t even aware until a fellow personal finance blogger brought it to my attention.  When I younger all you would hear about was the occasional computer virus. Now we have worms, trojans, macros, and various other types of harmful intruders hacking their way onto our machines.   Below I will give you some quick and easy tips to avoid this unpleasant situation altogether.

If there is a file attached to an email, and you don’t know the sender, then leave it alone.  Ooopps, what if you know the person but the attachement looks suspicious? Then still don’t open it.  In fact, I had a worm last year that got into my AOL email account and spread to all of the people in my address book.  If you receive an email from someone you trust, but the subject line has random numbers and symbols in it, then do not open it.  Yep, you guessed it, that happened to me too…twice!

One of the most important acts of virus prevention is that of virus software.  I routinely scan my computer with norton antivirus to make sure it stays clean and protected.  Sure this costs a few bucks, but it can save you lots of time and money in the future.  With over 500 new viruses being discovered each month, the web has become a dangerous place to surf!


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