Do Kids Really Cost $200,000?

what a cryin shame

I’m always slightly amused when I read about how much kids cost. I suppose it’s a valid question because kids are so…permanent.

If it really costs more than $200,000 to raise a child, can you even afford to have one?

From a financial/cost standpoint, we should give long pause before having kids. But is that all there is to this decision?

Many of us decided to buy a house the last few years and probably didn’t take into account all the hidden costs of home ownership. I know I didn’t. And what about animals? Think your poopsie poo doesn’t cost that much? Maybe you should find out.

Having kids is a big part of having a family. Money and responsibility wise. Thankfully that $200,000 is spread out over several decades…at least I hope.

What say you? Do you think about how much your kids cost?

Reference: Does my son really cost $26,000 per year?

2 Responses to “Do Kids Really Cost $200,000?”

  1. JJ November 1, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    I can entirely believe it. My parents probably paid more than that for me, because I was very blessed, and my parents paid cash for me to go to my dream school, bought me every book I was ever willing to read because they never wanted to say no to reading (though we did go to the library a ton), and they got me the tutors I needed for my difficulties in math. I know that they have spent a lot of money on me, but one day if they need me, even financially, when they are older and unable to care for themselves, I will be there without hesitation. I hope to be able to give my some day children the same blessings my parents generously gave me, too.

    Now that all the sappiness is aside, I hope they therefore find the 200k+ cost to be more of an smart investment that gives them great returns rather than a black hole 😉

  2. Jerret November 1, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    Thanks, JJ. I know my parents spent a ton on me but my college was paid for. The faucet pretty much went dry the day I left for college. I think my mom sent my $20 one time in my college career.

    I never think of the cost. I like spending money on my kids. To mine, and probably their, detriment!