Creating a Lifestyle Business

Did you know it doesn’t take a million bucks to live like you have a million bucks? That’s what Sean Ogle writes over at GetRichSlowly. So why don’t more people live like millionaires?

It isn’t the money, the job, or one’s personal situation that keeps people from living a more exciting life. It’s the fear of making a change.

Ah,yes, the “C” word. More like the battle of the “C” words—we’re too comfortable to make change. To his credit, he’s not talking about living beyond your means or racking up a mass of debt. He’s referring to the one thing people who have more money typically have…time. He did that by purposely moving to a low cost of living place and building a lifestyle business.

Creating a lifestyle business was one of the best decisions I could have made in order to bring about the change I was looking for. This was a core component in my ability to free up time and live like a millionaire.

The best part about creating a lifestyle biz?

You don’t need a million dollar idea — you just have to be able to improve upon one that’s already out there.

What can you improve upon that’s already in the marketplace? It could be the way something is delivered. Customer service is so shoddy that taking care of each customer could be a differentiator.

Visit Sean Ogle and GetRichSlowly for more inspiration.

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