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Want To Become A Freelance Web Developer? Follow This Simple Plan

Getting started as a freelance developer can be difficult, especially if you’re straight out of university. If you want to quit regular employment however, and branch off into freelancing, then it can also be tough to figure out where to begin. The fear of being left without any income, or any clients to offer your services to, keeps thousands of people every year from taking the plunge.

The challenges of going freelance in the development industry can be daunting, but when you consider that a profitable freelancing business could await you with a little effort, then the choice becomes very clear. To help you get started in the freelancing world, here’s a short guide to help you achieve your developer dreams!

Step 1

When it comes to freelancing, there’s always the possibility that it may take you 2-3 months to make any real cash. So, around 6 months before you want to start as a freelance developer, its best to save as much spare cash as possible. You’ll want to have around 3 months’ worth of expenses money put away, like mobile phone bills and other elements of household utility. If you’ve never been good at budgeting, then now is the time to start, because unless you’ve got some cash put away when you start freelancing, what will you live on?

Step 2

Now is the time to design your portfolio site. Not only will this be one of the biggest assets in the early stages of your freelancing developer development, but once it is optimised it will allow you to attract customers for your services. Functionality is key, so you should spend time on making sure you site has clean code. Clients will be looking for the quality of the site as well as examples of your code, so invest time in making it right – don’t rush it! You’ll want a site that’s desirable as well as professional, so look for bright graphics and dark, bold colours.

Step 3

Now that your site is up and running, it’s time to move into social media. From Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and Pinterest, you’ll want to link your site to all your social media profiles. Not only will social media help you get your name out there, but it will also help potential employers recognise you when they’re looking for a freelance developer. Never intertwine your professional and personal social media pages!

Step 4

After you’ve set up your social media profiles, you might want to start a blog. Your current website could be a great conduit for people to access your blog, however if you want to create a separate one, make sure you tie it in with your social media too. Blog about things that interest you in web development, and remember to always keep up to date on the latest developments – you don’t want to be left behind!

One you’ve completed all these steps, it’s now time to give your employer a month’s notice! Ensure that you leave on good terms, and make sure they know that you’re going freelance – your number might be the first that they call in the future!

John is a freelance tech writer and blogger; he also contributes to various online marketing websites. He is currently working with Brookson.

Home Loans for the Self Employed

Getting a mortgage while being self employed in some cases is more difficult but there are definite methods of receiving a home loan when it is required. It can be, however, quite different to when a person is employed by another company.

The Process of Getting a Mortgage while Self Employed

When a person is running their own home business, but they need a mortgage, the process is very different compared to a regularly employed person. The way that a person assesses their income can be complex. Many times as a result of this difficult process, individuals who are self employed have a hard time receiving the mortgage that they need using their tax returns.
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Creating a Lifestyle Business

Did you know it doesn’t take a million bucks to live like you have a million bucks? That’s what Sean Ogle writes over at GetRichSlowly. So why don’t more people live like millionaires?

It isn’t the money, the job, or one’s personal situation that keeps people from living a more exciting life. It’s the fear of making a change.

Ah,yes, the “C” word. More like the battle of the “C” words—we’re too comfortable to make change. To his credit, he’s not talking about living beyond your means or racking up a mass of debt. He’s referring to the one thing people who have more money typically have…time. He did that by purposely moving to a low cost of living place and building a lifestyle business.

Creating a lifestyle business was one of the best decisions I could have made in order to bring about the change I was looking for. This was a core component in my ability to free up time and live like a millionaire.

The best part about creating a lifestyle biz?

You don’t need a million dollar idea — you just have to be able to improve upon one that’s already out there.

What can you improve upon that’s already in the marketplace? It could be the way something is delivered. Customer service is so shoddy that taking care of each customer could be a differentiator.

Visit Sean Ogle and GetRichSlowly for more inspiration.

When There’s Movement – Stuff Happens


I had a whiny, way below my age breakdown yesterday. I’ve been putting in a lot of time with BudgetSnob but I haven’t seen the results I had planned by this point. So, I was a little lot down. I felt like I was staring at the Himalayas standing at the bottom of a dry lake bed in Death Valley

Then I read something that profoundly changed my outlook. It was a newspaper article about a little (or maybe not so little) obscure blog called TheAwl. I knew the rest of the article would be good after reading this…

If you were going to assemble a business plan for a Web site, you would look closely at everything The Awl ( did and then head in precisely the opposite direction.

Why? Because the three co-founders, newly laid off, started a blog they wanted to read. Meaning, they didn’t try to find an audience. There were the audience. TheAwl’s posts are mostly short, punchy, and (in many cases) complete nonsense.

I found myself wondering if reading these posts was like hearing someone’s thoughts. Thoughts make perfect sense to the thinker. Not so much for anyone else. Obviously, I was not the audience there were trying to reach.

After a few months of massive content generation, TheAwl founders sold out to Yahoo! for $30 million dollars. There’s only one problem. That’s not the truth. Not. Even. Close.

By August 2009, they had chewed through their savings..when an anonymous donor sent in a few hundred dollars at one particularly stretched-thin moment…which they used to buy food.

They started in September 2008. Then spent a year—full-time by the way—hammering out content. A lot of content. When I checked yesterday, they had 20 posts up.

So, after a year of posting, they barely had enough to live on. When a donor shows up with two hundred bucks and they buy food. Why? So they can quit while they’re ahead? And go find real jobs?

Nope. They do it because they have to keep posting. And that would require staying alive. By eating food.

The Awl is attempting to build a low-cost site that delivers a certain kind of content for a certain kind of audience. And the owners don’t have to get rich — The Awl has no investors — they just have to eat.

Mr Sicha, one of the founders and interviewee throughout the article, sums it up in a breathtakingly, honest manner.

“My friends keep talking to me about how they want to start a Web site, but they need to get some backing, and I look at them and ask them what they are waiting for,” Mr. Sicha said. “All it takes is some WordPress and a lot of typing. Sure, I went broke trying to start it, it trashed my life and I work all the time, but other than that, it wasn’t that hard to figure out.”

That was the end of my whining.

I don’t know where you are today. But I do know that you’re more than likely not satisfied with some part of your life that just hasn’t materialized like you thought. Maybe you’re thinking about quitting. And what makes it worse is that you’ve been doing the right things, maybe for months or even years.

It’s one thing to simply be lazy and make excuses when nothing happens. I think we all know deep down when we’re lazy. But it’s an entirely different matter when you’ve been busting your butt…and nothing happens.

But I challenge you (myself too) to keep moving. Because breakthrough is just around the corner. The activity you’ve been doing. Those seeds you’ve been planting. Neither will come back empty.

Some amazing things happened to me today. Subtle but very powerful. All because I made the decision to keep moving forward. I hope you make the same decision.

TheAwl founders were interviewed for an article in the NYTimes.

Passion isn’t Found – It’s Pursued

I write quite a bit about side gigs, starting a business, and other related topics. At least more than I thought. Here’s a sampling:

Stop Job Shopping, Start a Business
Multiple Streams of Extra Income
Why Not Start a Business?
5 Ways to Generate a Second Income

More than likely, you want to pursue your own gig doing something you’re passionate about. Which is another buzz word that’s been a lexicon of the business startup vocabulary for years.

So, that’s all good and well, but what does that mean? According to recent studies, your best option is not necessarily to go with your gut. Turns out that passion is a by-product of something else—the pursuit of it. But, passion pursuit has it’s own drawbacks.
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Those Pesky Obstacles Are Your Life


Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, I went through a period where I felt like my future self was just over the next hill. Just past the next obstacle, which there always seemed to be plenty of. I wanted to start a business so bad I could barely hold back my enthusiasm for when it (self-employment) would deliver itself into my lap.

I spent a lot of time “getting inspired”. I would read books about entrepreneurs. Then I would switch to the writing aisle and read about writing. Then I found the self-help section. And, oh boy, did I have a hay day with that one.
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A Daily Plan to Improve Your Finances – and Life

Quality of Life

Like most things worthy of our time, getting our finances in shape doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by making deliberate, good choices every day. Each choice might not seem like much but, on a cumulative basis, will have a lasting impact over the course of our lifetimes.
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Two Income Generating Ideas

I know I’ve been on a “making money” roll the last two weeks or so. After running a few eBay auctions and doing a small bit of consulting on the side, I believe even more now that earning a few extra bucks can dramatically alter your financial position.

So, I took Friday off last week and fired up the brain cells to come up with two more, maybe a little unusual, money making ideas. These are based off my own interests—one food based and one art based. But hear me out. These two ideas are interests I’ve had but, for one reason or another, I didn’t feel they were ready to bear fruit. Until now.
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Stop Job Shopping – Start a Business

Stop Job Shopping

I quit trying to find the perfect job. After nine years of high expectations and much disappointment, I decided the perfect job was more elusive than real.

And if I wanted to work hard and earn a living in the process, I would have to be the career I was looking for instead of relying on luck and someone else’s good graces.
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