Grab Your Wealth

We live in precarious times when as it relates to our incomes, investments, and—ultimately—our livelihoods. So, how do we make sure our wealth, now and in the future, doesn’t slip through our hands?

We must first acknowledge that our wealth is our responsibility. Once we take responsibility, then we must go out and seize it.

In order to seize our wealth, MoneyNing suggests that we start by not losing hope.

This could be difficult, but do not allow a fear-mongering media to determine your economic outlook. A thousand planes will land safely, but only the one that doesn’t will make the news. News programs are in the business of sensationalism because that’s what sells.

I’m guilty of checking two or three political news sites several times daily. This makes for worry, fret, and hopelessness. On days that I’m too busy to check the news, I’ve noticed that my mood doesn’t see-saw as much. Even when I think about my finances.

When I focus on my financial future via goal setting and achievement, my despondence decreases and, naturally, a positive outlook follows. How can I take advantage of my current situation? How do I set in motion the activities today that will make my goals become reality in the near and long term?

And that’s the second point MoneyNing made—readying yourself for financial opportunities.

[T]he point is there are some outstanding opportunities in a bad economy just as there are opportunities during a good one. Opportunities are everywhere.

It’s easy to listen to the critics and grow weary. I just read a quote the other day that stated something like, “it’s easy to be a critic. Critics don’t have any skin in the game.”

When we spot an opportunity, it’s best to move on it before consulting too many experts. Experts, even though well meaning, can often squash our ideas before they’ve been fully explored.

The power of hope, as I’ve described before, combined with the power to spot opportunities is key to building wealth.

In The Millionaire Mind, Dr. Thomas J Stanley concluded that almost all millionaires attributed their success to believing in themselves. You have to believe in yourself to start a business or invest on your own. It’s certainly not for the faint at heart.

Seize your wealth today. Don’t let the opportunities during the hard times pass you up because you’re too scared—or hopeless—to act.

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