Can You Guess the 7 Highest Paying Jobs?

The job market has been incredibly scary the last few years. When I read the news headlines, it’s hard to find any good news about a job recovery. I suppose it’s a combination of news outlets competing for eyeballs and the growing sense that things are much different this time.

In that sense, I try to highlight positive aspects about earning and spending for individuals as I cull the interwebs for interesting, entertaining, and enlightening stories.

Known for it’s annual “Best Places to Live” comparison, in conjunction with Money Magazine, the researchers at put together other “Top” stories throughout the year.

So I was glad when I came across their latest list, the 20 Highest-Paying Jobs, yesterday.

Think you can guess the top 7 highest paying jobs? Here’s a hint—they all have something to do with years of medical training.

1. Anesthesiologist – These doctors play an integral role in keeping patients alive—and asleep—during surgery—no matter how long it may take.

2. General Surgeon – These surgeons are highly specialized and in high demand, performing surgery on the digestive tract, skin, breasts and hernias. Sub-specialties include trauma surgery, laproscopic surgery and vascular surgery.

3. Emergency Room Physician – Emergency room physicians are on the front lines in a crisis, caring for everyone from trauma victims to sick kids.

4. Obstetrician / Gynecologist – With long hours, heavy malpractice insurance costs and extensive training, obstetricians and gynecologists invest a lot in becoming doctors.

Ok. I have to take a time out on OB/GYN. Here’s something interesting. Most OB/GYN doctors I’ve met are men. Two of my three kids were delivered by men. I’ve always thought that females would flock to this specialty and men would run as far away as possible. But that’s not true at all. At least where I live.

5. Psychiatrist – Unlike many mental health professionals, psychiatrists can prescribe medications to help treat patients with mental illnesses.

6. Primary Care Physician – Primary care doctors take care of you when you have a cold, give you your flu shot and can refer you to a specialist when you come in with a trickier problem.

7. Nurse Anesthetist – These nurses help anesthesiologists administer anesthesia during surgery.

So, there you have it. The top 7 highest paying jobs. As I was looking through each one, in one sense I felt they weren’t paid enough. I’ve seen friends come out of medical school and years of post-grad training with unbelievable debt loads. Even with a starting six figure salary, my guess is that it still takes a long time to pay off all the debt.

You can read about the remaining 13 highest paying jobs at

2 Responses to “Can You Guess the 7 Highest Paying Jobs?”

  1. Karen and Gerard October 23, 2010 at 7:18 am #

    This list surprises me. I would have thought:
    The President
    Other political offices
    Professional Athletes
    Pro Football coaches

    I’m going to include this in my Friday “Things I Learned This Week” post at with a link back here.

  2. Jerret October 23, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    I guess political offices wouldn’t be included because they’re elected officials. Maybe they’re jobs that are at least somewhat attainable by anyone if they put in the schooling and work. Thanks for the comment!