Budget Beginnings

Tender Hearted Daisy (what a great name) wrote a nice, little post about some things she’s learning about budgeting.

What I love about this post is that 1) it’s personalized, 2) she shares from her heart, and 3) she definitely doesn’t come off like a holy rolling guru.

To summarize, Liane admits that her and her husband were “lousy at money management” over the years. As a result of being out of the work force and not having medical insurance for several decades, Liane made a commitment to get on the right financial path.

With that, she shares some tips on what helped her and her family get back to financial health.

Be joined with your spouse in your budgeting goals. Have a frank, honest, and truthful discussion about the amount of debt you have.

After eleven years of marriage, I finally had the money discussion with my wife. But it was only after major money mis-handling on my part. It was awful. And hard. But it was necessary even though it will take much more talking (and time) to heal.

Don’t leave God out of your finances. Pray with your spouse in asking God to give you wisdom and direction in the management of your finances.

This is also important for my wife and I. And, being Christian, something I wasn’t doing. My wife and I are called to be of one mind. If we’re hiding stuff and, out of guilt, not praying for fear of being found out, well…that’s probably not going to work out.

Know where your money went. Write down all of the expenditures you made in the past three months. A visual picture is worth so much.

I think this is the part many people fear the most. They either don’t want to know or think it will be too much of an inconvenience. There is software available for both PC and Mac that dang near automates most of it. Keeping and tracking receipts never worked for me. I had to find a software solution.

Read the full article at Tender Hearted Daisy.

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