Banking Tips to Help You Save Money at any Bank – Part 1

Banking today can be quite an expensive proposition.  Banks are in the business of making money and will charge fees for everything they can get away with.  If you’re keen on keeping as much of your money as possible then you need to take a look at the Tips and Advice below that we’ve put together.  They will save you time and energy too so take a look and then use them to keep those fees at bay.

Once a year you should sit down with your banker and ask them to go over your accounts and make sure that they are the best ones to fit your needs.  The fact is, as time progresses your financial situation changes and so do your banking needs.  If your bank has changed their services or offers new ones that you don’t know about you may be wasting your money or not getting as big a return as you should.  The only way to know is if you ask and so ask you should.

Speaking of asking what’s new at your bank, every 3 or 4 years you should do a full comparison of your bank to some others and see if you’re truly getting the best deals, best rates and best interest that you could and should be getting. Comparing your money market accounts, ATM cards, checking and savings accounts as well as any other services that you use is vitally important to make sure you get what you deserve.  Plus just the notice that you’re comparing banks might make yours a little more willing to negotiate with you.

Setting up direct deposit is recommended by experts over paper checks.  It’s safer, easier, more convenient and instantaneous too. Having no delays means that you won’t have to worry about having your money right away, no checks can get lost or stolen and, in some cases, you may even get a break from your bank for doing it.

Speaking of direct deposit there is also automatic payments.  If you want to make sure that you don’t forget a mortgage or car payment you can direct your bank to do it for you on a specific day every month. Banking electronically makes sense in many other ways also.  It can save you time, energy, gas and stress.

Find someone at your bank that you trust and go to them when you have concerns, problems or need help in any way.  That way they get used to you and you to them.  This will make you ‘friends’ and friends are always looking out for ways to help.  Remember, bankers are people too.

If you liked these Tips come on back soon for Part 2 where we’ll give you even more.  See you soon!


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