As Money Dries Up, Despair Settles In

In a recent article, Michael Luo from the New York Times chronicles the trials of one lady’s plight to find permanent work after losing her job in August of 2008.

Ms. Sadler, who lost her job at an automotive parts plant in October 2008, learned last month that her unemployment insurance had been cut off.

Ms. Sadler, who lives in Carlisle Kentucky, continued…

“I’m basically applying for everything, trying to get something,” said Ms. Sadler, 52, who since early June has not received an unemployment check, which used to be about $388 a week before taxes. “If I don’t, I’m going to lose everything. I’m not going to have a roof over my head. I’m just going to have to walk away with what I have on my back, and my dog.”

On Tuesday, Ms. Sadler scored just her third interview since 2008, for a $7.50-an-hour job at a check-cashing business that is an hour’s drive from her home. It would have paid less than she received on unemployment benefits and left her still unable to cover her expenses, but she had little choice.

It took all her willpower not to reach across the table to shake her interviewer and beg for a chance. The company said she would know by Thursday, but as of Friday she had not heard back.

I know the feelings. I’ve been there although not as desperate but desperate enough nonetheless. It’s a situation that never goes away. A situation that always hangs over your head. Nights became my favorite time because I knew I had made it through another day and that I could at least forget about my situation for a few hours of fitful sleep.

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