America’s Most Affordable Places to Retire

So, why am I writing about places to retire when I’m nowhere near retirement? Because if a place is affordable for a retiree, then it’s most certainly affordable for a working man, no?

I’m fascinated about places. Whenever I drive through a small town, I’m thinking, “How do people end up living here? What do they do for a living? Do they want to leave but can’t? Did they move here from somewhere else and love it?”

So, I was thrilled when I ran across this U.S. News article on America’s Best Affordable Places to Retire.

While it does give the ranking, with a small blurb for each city, it didn’t provide additional links for follow-up. So, being an information hound, I rounded up a few links of my own. So, without taking up more time…the rankings (with links):

1. Columbus, Ohio
Did you know Columbus is the capitol of Ohio? Only if you’re a Buckeye fan at which point now hate me. Also home to several corporate headquarters. Why is it affordable? I don’t know, the article doesn’t mention it. I’ll just take their word for it.

Columbus City Website – Official Columbus City Website
Columbus Travel Information – Columbus travel and vacation information
Columbus Real Estate – Columbus real estate

2. Fort Worth, Texas
There’s nothing like cruising down the interstate near Forth Worth and seeing a billboard advertising brand new houses for less than $150K. No state income tax is nice touch also (we won’t talk about property taxes). A good night life (I thought retirees slept at night?) also keeps ‘em coming back.

Official Fort Worth Website – Official Fort Worth City Website
Fort Worth – Wikipedia – How could I forget Wikipedia?
Fort Worth – Trulia Listings – A real estate crack addict’s site of choice.

3. Asheville, North Carolina
I live in the south so I definitely would like to research Asheville more in-depth. Asheville has lots of stuff you can do for free. Bands, festivals, art galleries. You name it. Mimes? Not so much my style.

Asheville City Governement – Official Asheville city site
Asheville Chamber – Asheville Chamber of Commerce
Asheville Real Estate – Asheville real estate

4. Eugene, Oregon
Oh no. More free entertainment. Bands. Movies. Oh my.

Eugene City Government –  Official Eugene city site
Eugene Chamber – Eugene Chamber of Commerce
Eugene Real Estate – Eugene real estate

5. Kansas City, Missouri
Not to be confused with Kansas City, Kansas, this Missouri town has a median home price of $118,000. Can’t remember what a median is? It’s the most frequently occurring number in a data set. Don’t care? Me neither. It just means that it’s a better representation of home prices in the area.

Visit KC – Kansas City shopping and travel site
City of Kansas City – Official government site
Kansas City real estate – Kansas City real estate

6. Columbia, South Carolina
Low housing costs are a big reason to breathe easy. Columbia’s median home price is about $147,000, and average property taxes are just over a grand. And Columbia’s seniors don’t live in conclaves, so house hunters can choose Victorian-style homes on historic streets or ultramodern apartments near the city’s new riverfront esplanade, in a neighborhood dotted with art galleries.

City of Columbia – Official Columbia City Website
Columbia Visitors Bureau – Hotels, attractions, and vacation travel information
Columbia Real Estate – Columbia real estate

7. Tucson, Arizona
Tucson, Ariz., is a scenic southern landing for birds of all sorts. Northern snowbirds fleeing harsh winters flock here; idle military jets sprawl over a massive aircraft “boneyard” in the city limits; and a breathtaking variety of avian life fills the sky, despite the desert heat.

Tucson Travel – Official Tucson travel information guide
Tucson City – Official City of Tucson Website
Tucson Real Estate -Tucson real estate

8. Jacksonville, Florida
It’s generally cheap to live in Jacksonville, compared with the rest of the state. The city’s median home price is $150,500, versus $275,900 in Fort Lauderdale and $291,550 in Miami. Part of the reason housing is so affordable is that the city has never been a vacation spot like many cities farther south.

Visit Jacksonville – Hotels, restaurants, vacation information
City of Jacksonville – City of Jacksonville official Website
Jacksonville Real Estate – Jacksonville real estate

9. Ann Arbor, Michigan
Much of the city’s activity revolves around the University of Michigan, whose 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students account for about a third of Ann Arbor’s population. And needless to say, the retiree population includes plenty of voluble Wolverine fans.

City of Ann Arbor – Official Ann Arbor city Website – Ann Arbor news, blogs, events, and discussion
Ann Arbor Real Estate – Ann Arbor real estate

10. Aurora, Colorado
Home to roughly 300,000, the city covers a whopping 154 square miles and includes nine colleges and universities, seven golf courses, and 10,000 acres of parks, trails, and open space within its city limits. Housing is reasonable, to boot: In 2008, the median home price was $138,000, roughly $40,000 less than in Denver.

Aurora City – Official Aurora city guide
Aurora City Guide – Aurora city guide, maps, restaurants, weather, real estate
Aurora Real Estate – Aurora real estate

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