A Snobbish Collection: November 2012

Welcome to the Snobbish Collection of Novembers most elite articles by my many blogging cohorts.  We accept only the best, and as such you will find the most thought provoking articles available on the web.  Finance, particularly that of the “personal” variety, can be a bit difficult for the average consumer to…well…consume. As such we created this monthly compilation to help educate you, the reader!

No person in their right mind puts an item on layaway, there are simply no benefits to it.  Paying Debt Down understands this concept, and I wish more would as well.  Potentially losing the down payment you place, or paying even the lowest of fees is enough for me to say that you just need to simply save your money into you have enough to go in and purchase the item outright.

The Financial Samurai has realized my dream, and that of many others, of becoming financially independent! Read up on how he feels since he made the leap from working for the man, to working for himself.

I am a bit diversified when it comes to income streams.  I wouldn’t call myself a freelancer exactly, but some of my monthly revenue and expenses are treated as such.  The Money Principle offers us a helpful guide on how to budget when faced with the uncertain financials of a freelancer.

Too often investors take the “set it and forget approach” to investing.  Once the money has been investing in a stock, fund, real estate, etc., they never think to rebalance their portfolio.  Times change, and so does the soundness of certain investments, as well as the amount of risk you should incur as you age.  Financial Ramblings has a nice post reminding us of such.

So Over Debt explains how her credit cards are plotting against her! It seems that credit cards can have a drawback regardless if you carry a balance or not.  Interesting read, and one that reminds me of why I hate credit cards so much.

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