5 More Unusual Jobs That Pay Well

It’s been nearing two years since I last wrote about 7 unusual jobs that pay well, but that article turned out to be one of my most popular to date.  Of course that was right after the devastating economic crash our country experienced that left many people unemployed.  Despite the improving economy and jobs outlook, there are still many people out there looking for work and to simply make ends meet.  As a follow up to the popular article, I wanted to provide all of you with 5 additional jobs that while unusual, are actually quite achievable if you are looking to make a few extra bucks.


My day job pays quite well, and I am very fortunate to have stability and career growth.  That doesn’t mean that the appeal of making extra money is lost on me.  You’re probably thinking “blogging? nothing unusual about that”.  But how many people do you know making a living by blogging? I actually know several that I’ve met in the past couple years, but prior to that, I didn’t know a single person.  I write articles, offer advertising, and manage advertising for others blogs.  In the end, I make enough money from my online endeavors to pay my mortgage and car payment to boot.  It’s not as difficult as you would think.  You just need to commit the time and dedication to it.

Virtual Freelancer

Bloggers like me are always looking for some extra help!  Be it content writers, blog commenters, or spreadsheet creation.  Sites like Fiverr offer online services for the price of $5 a pop.  Other sites like Freelancer.com appeal to smaller companies that need to outsource tasks because they don’t have the required staffing.  As a corporate finance guy by day, I could easily offer my services up on a site like this.  There are companies in need of experienced business plan writers, strategic planners, and knowledge of month end close processes.  You can name your own price, or seek out readily available jobs that are currently posted.


There are plenty of good chefs out there, and some of them want to work for themselves.  If you don’t like the idea of working in a restaurant all day long, but you love to cook, then starting your own catering business could be for you.  With today’s ability to market and advertise your services online, the startup costs are becoming increasingly less expensive.  You can put up ads on Backpage and Craigslist, or the local classifieds online.  All events from small parties to large corporate events need catering of some kind.  Personally, I enjoy hosting friends and family, but I can’t cook at all!  An affordable and reliable catering service would appeal to me greatly.

Real Estate Appraiser

A lot of people are familiar with real estate agents, but often times they forget about the appraisal process.  I worked for two different appraisal companies while in college, and I saw several benefits with this line of work.  The certification process only takes about a year in total, between classes and the necessary hours of experience needed.  What’s so great about real estate appraising is that many companies hire appraisers as full-time staffers, but it’s also a convenient business to work as an independent contractor.  As long as you are licensed and insured, there are a plethora of mortgage companies scrambling for quick and efficient appraisers to meet the needs of their clients.  A typical full appraisal on a home refinance or purchase runs about $400, and if business is could, you could be doing several of these a day.  You can make a pretty penny if you’re ambitious enough.

Personal Assistant

Believe it or not, there are online listings for legitimate personal assistants out there!  By legitimate I mean you need to watch out for those occasional weirdos with other tasks in mind.  Wealthy people tend to be busy people, they hired nanny’s, cook, and even personal assistants.  Search out sites like Odesk, Taskseveryday.com, and Indeed.com for these types of listings.  With tasks like word processing, dry cleaning pick up, running errands, etc., this is a job for the humbled person.  However, that’s not to say that they can’t pay well. 

Do any of you have an unusual job that most of us wouldn’t think about? Does it pay well? It is easy to get into?




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